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Interesting Designs of Upholstered Chairs

One of the easiest ways of adding character and class to a room is the usage of upholstered chairs. Such chairs are available in designs that are both traditional and modern. You can select from a wide range of designs that vary from the classic upholstered armchairs to the elegantly styled upholstered dining chairs. Fabric is pre-selected keeping in mind the design and style of each piece. However, you may incorporate your own sense of style by selecting a fabric of your choice. The fabrics are available in a multitude of colors and you can choose a color depending on your preference and how the fabric would match with the color scheme in your room. Apart from the variety in design that these chairs offer they are also durable and give a feeling of relaxation.

contemporary coffee tables

Upholstered chairs come in a variety of categories like upholstered arm chairs, upholstered dining chairs, upholstered club chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, etc. Upholstered arm chairs can be placed in the reception area in offices or even in your drawing room. These deeply cushioned pieces of furniture come in teak, wicker or even cast aluminium. A woven rattan u-shaped chair that comes in stripes of multitude of colors is a unique piece. Handwoven into a striped pattern and using bright colors this chair is made of natural rattan and comes in a variety of colors.

contemporary chairs

For your dining room you could use upholstered chairs that are available in both - formal and casual looks. If you wish to add a touch of sophistication to your dining space get the sleek, sophisticated dining chairs upholstered in crocodile patterned leather and having a lacquer finish. Although a little highly priced, these chairs add a beauty to your room in a way no other piece can but if you want to use a traditional piece, the Tommy Bahama Kingstown Edwards chair that is made from mahogany and inspired from the British style is ideal for you.

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Providing comfortable seating options in the office lobby or living room is the upholstered lounge chair. Styles in this collection range from classic to contemporary. A high-back chair made of banana twisted abaca fibers is a unique creation that is sure to enhance the beauty of any room. Another versatile upholstered chair is the armless storage chair that comes in a variety of fabrics and colors.This elegantly styled and pretty looking chair has a pleated part in its base that also provides storage options. So the options are vast and you got to pick the one that meets your requirement. Upholstered chairs can really change the way any room in your house feels. You can be certain that when you buy such a chair, there is no way that you will ever regret it! There are many different types of such chairs and probably the most beautiful ones are armless upholstered chairs.