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Freestanding Bathtubs - A Luxurious Bath Experience

Looking for any kind of an opportunity to have a good soak or share a good soak with someone you love? The best way to do that is to get hold of a good freestanding bathtub. You will feel relaxed like never before once you get a freestanding bathtub; soak away all those worldly cares.You will find all the information that will need to know the different types of freestanding bathtubs. Not only will you make your house look a lot more stylish but you will also have a very relaxing incentive to get back home every day. The people of Japan follow the trading of soaking in the freestanding tubs as it is in tune with their religion from ages unknown.

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Different types of freestanding tubs

Clawfoot bathtubs:This is one of the classic models especially on the west side of the world. They get their name essentially because of the claw feet that they have to make themselves stable on the ground. They are quite deep and hence give an awesome soak when one needs it. Style and old fashion both are added to the home that you live in with a clawfoot variety of freestanding bathtubs. Pedestal bathroom:This is actually a variety of the clawfoot range. The only difference between the two is that this one does not have any feet and instead of feet it actually has a pedestal that can either be simple or decorated. The freestanding bathtub stands on this pedestal. Longer in size, these are very comfortable to soak in. They are extremely beautiful and not to mention easily luring.

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Japanese Ofuro style:These are shaped like a barrel and the point of these freestanding bathtubs is that who ever enters it should actually sit in it and not lie. Many people can get into the same barrel and share the soak. This was a common practice in Japan and is still carried out till this day.Slipper freestanding bathtubs:This one can be either one of the initial freestanding bathtubs. They can either have four feet or may be attached to a pedestal but what differentiates it is that it has an elongated back to make the lying position very comfortable. Now you will have space to rest your head while you soak away your blues. No doubt that this is also an eye catcher for sure.

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If this is not enough who ever would like, can make certain customizations to their own freestanding bathtubs. You can make it more convenient for yourself. Some companies are ready to place doors on the side so you don't have to climb over the bath tub when done. The other option that you have will allow you to adjust how deep you want the freestanding bathtubs to be. The best customization is the one where there are seats in the tub. These seats will move don in to the water before the soak and when you are don, they will bring you back up.Hal Johnson has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website over at Insect Repellent Bands which helps people find information on Insect Repellent Bands and deals on all other types of repellents.

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