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Power Washing Myths, and the Truth Behind Them

Knowing the truth behind the following power washing myths will help you find the best power washing service for your needs. 1. Power washing is safe because it uses primarily water. best power wash Power washing seems innocuous enough - after all, it's just water, right? This common misconception fails to take into account the toxins that pressure washing sweeps into storm drains and from there into local watersheds. Automobiles release lethal heavy metals and other pollutants as they run. These and other contaminants are deadly for aquatic wildlife. As a washing service cleans your home, business, or automobile, hazardous materials will be whisked away, into nearby streams and rivers. Conscientious professional power washing firms prevent this pollution by collecting and refining their own wastewater. 2. All you need is water for thorough power washing. Service specialists do appreciate the cleaning power of pressurized water, but they also know that high pressures can damage some surfaces. As an example, lower pressure levels are best when cleaning siding; high pressure can force water behind the siding, which can then lead to mildew and mold growth. Furthermore, especially stubborn stains, typically containing grease or oil, often will not come away with cold water alone. Commercial power washing For these situations, professional pressure washing gurus use hot water and specialized cleaning mixtures to prevent damage while achieving perfect cleanliness. The most forward-thinking pressure washing firms use eco-friendly cleaning blends. 3. I know enough to do my own power washing. Service experts have plenty of professional pressure washing experience, making them ready to take on any cleaning assignment without causing damage. That last clause is the most important thing to remember - a professional pressure wash company representative knows how to clean any surface without causing damage or injury. For instance, roof shingles can easily be destroyed if too much pressure is used to clean them. house power wash You might be surprised to hear that homeowners seriously injure themselves every year while power washing. Pressure washing injuries often occur when people lean ladders against their homes to reach the higher parts of their siding. In this situation, the intense power of a pressure washer can easily take a person unaware and cause a nasty fall. Therefore, if your setup seems precarious, or you're unsure of the best way to clean the surface at hand, you should call in a pressure wash company for help. driveway and concrete cleaning 4. All honest power washing service providers can give telephone quotes. Yes, a pressure wash company should be capable of providing general estimates over the phone, as long you provide a detailed description of the cleaning project. In the end, however, a physical walkthrough is required to give a detailed cost estimate. Fortunately, many a pressure washing service provides free in-person estimates.