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How to Go About Building a Wood Deck in Your Garden


If you are looking for a place to chill out in your backyard, then building a wood deck is the ideal solution. You can either hire professionals for this job or do it yourself depending on your skills in this area. A wood deck stands apart from other decks as it radiates a sense of warmth and solidity and makes you feel truly at home. However, before you embark enthusiastically on your construction plans, do consult the local authorities and get their approval regarding the building permits. In case you want to take the building task upon yourself, this article provides you with some tips to make your endeavor as smooth as possible.
timber decking
To begin with, you need to choose a rot resistant wood like lumber for your construction. Cypress, cedar and redwood are some types of lumber that will prove very effective for your deck plans. The bottom of the deck needs to be sturdier than the rest of the deck and so, for this area you should have completely rot resistant and termite-proof pressure treated lumber. Pine, spruce or fir lumber will work well for the deck substructures. Heartwood, redwood and cedar are good options for planters, decking and the railings of the deck. When it comes to the deck floors, mahogany is a good choice. Basically, you need to use cedar with a large degree of heartwood for deck construction as it will protect the deck from rotting. Another thing you need to remember is that the dimension timbers and lumber should have a number 2 grading which will ensure its firmness and strength.
As far as the design of the deck is concerned, ready made designs are easily available in magazines as well as on the internet. If you want to create your own unique design, then you can sharpen your imaginative skills and come up something that is innovative and meets your personal wants. While constructing the deck, it would be a good idea to have design modules that are separated into small parts which can later be assembled according to your convenience.
solid timber deck
Another aspect you need to be particularly careful about is the wood deck maintenance. This is essential if you want your deck to retain its new look. Replacement of decayed wood, painting and staining are some of the things that need to be done regularly for your wood deck. If moisture on the wood leads to the emergence of mildew, you will have to use detergent or household bleach to get rid of the problem. You will also find environment-friendly commercial products for cleaning the wood decks of problems like mildew.
With proper care, a wood deck can last for a very long time and will be a wonderful place for your friends and family to relax and de-stress yourselves. So, build a wood deck as soon as you can and you will never regret your decision!