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Beautify Your Home With French Antique Furniture

When I was a bit younger, I did not pay attention to home furniture. Plastic minimalist chairs and tables from a place like IKEA were just fine. They were functional and cheap, which was all I was truly seeking. But now that I am older and a lot more established, I'm absolutely interested in implementing a classier interior decorating scheme. I've recently had my eyes opened to the wonderful world of French antique furniture, so I need to begin by acquiring a couple of pieces for my living room and bedroom. I am by no means an expert on French antique furniture. I'm not positive what is most sought right after by professional dealers and collectors, and I can't even identify the period that some of these pieces come from. You'll find most likely some snobs out there that believe my lack of knowledge ought to automatically disqualify me from being capable to buy French antique furniture, but I do not truly care about that. I'm not out to impress anyone; I just wish to invest in some nice armchairs, dressers, wardrobes, and decorative accessories for the house.

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From what I've seen in catalogs and on the net, I like 18th and 19th century French antique furniture the very best. You will find some amazingly stunning pieces obtainable, including a Louis XV desk that I've had my eye on for quite some time. Of course these are reproductions, as there's no way I would ever be capable to afford an original item like that. But that's ok, I do not mind starting with baby steps.

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You will find a couple of diverse methods I can go about buying the merchandise I want. Initial, I can acquire French antique furniture reproductions from reputable domestic dealers. This would mean either combing the countryside and stopping at every antiques store I happen to come across, or spending some time on an internet search engine in search of a dealer that can ship for a reasonable cost. I have no desire to waste my weekends doing the former, so on the internet searches it's.An additional alternative will be to purchase from international dealers.

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This may be essential if I'm following a particularly rare reproduction or particular curios or paintings that aren't readily offered here in America. Again, I would use the internet to find someone who has the item I want and can import it directly to me. Positive, that will be a lot more pricey than purchasing from a shop inside the United States, but I'd be willing to sacrifice the additional cash to obtain that armoire I've been dying to personal. I'm anxious to commence building my personal French antique furniture collection within the near future. They may possibly not be originals, but they'll still look terrific in my home. As extended as I can find a couple of trusted venues to purchase my furnishings from and as lengthy as the pieces arrive intact, I'll be happy!